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Fix Entire Crashes Issues In Incredimail Through Incredimail Support Number

IncrediMail is a smart and well-established email customer program which provides an interface to millions of people across the world.  It is one such email application which is loaded with many advanced and specific features in it. Also, this advanced IncrediMail has provided the interface that includes 3D emoticons and GIFs as well.

IncrediMail is a smart and easy to apply which should work smoothly without any problem, however on the off chances, if you are using the latest version of the program, you may encounter crashes in Incredimail for a variety of known as well as unknown reasons such as computer memory, incompatibility with other programs, corrupted files, etc. So, to get the prominent solutions, we would recommend you to follow the blog till the end to learn the prominent ways to fix these issues.

Besides, if you require assistance then you can dial the without toll Incredimail Support Number to get the professional help from the well-trained technicians, who are always ready to help you with the prominent solutions in no time.

What causes the crashes in IncrediMail?

Some known issues and causes of the IncrediMail crashes are listed below. However, if your issue is not listed below, we would recommend you to follow the solution steps provided below to correct the issue in a quick time.

  • The occurrence of the sudden crash at the time of sending or receiving the email while using the Hotmail/Windows Live account.
  • The occurrence of a sudden crash during the general Send or Receiving the email instead of using the Hotmail or Windows Live account
  • Sudden Crash when receiving messages or Notifications from Facebook
  • Even at the time of disconnecting the facebook folder in IncrediMail can give birth to the random Crashes as well.
  • Crashes can also happen during Data and Settings Transfer or even at the time of sharing videos or attachments.

Now when you got the reasons as well as the types of crashes that a user may encounter, you should follow the below-mentioned steps to fix these crashes issues in no time.

For all other issues, please do the following:

  1. At first, you should try to update IncrediMail using the Full Setup File.
  2. Also, you can try disabling 3D Magic for Sending and Receiving:
  • In a New (or fully opened) Message, choose the ‘3D Magic’ icon.
  • After that, you need to have to choose No 3D Effects and then click ‘OK’ to close the ‘3D Magic’ dialog.

Remember: If you do not have 3D Magic installed or enabled, please click ‘No’ to continue.

  1. Also, you can try to resolve this issue by deleting your Runtime folder.
  2. If you are using this IncrediMail application on Internet Explorer. You can try to resolve such crashing issues by resetting the installed version of Internet Explorer on your computer
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9
  1. Besides you can also try to restart the computer using MSCON or you can also restart your computer in Safe Mode.

If none of these above-mentioned troubleshooting steps helped to fix crash issues in Incredimail, you should feel free to dial or contact IncrediMail customer Support number for further assistance as well.

Why should you trust Incredimail Help number executives?

 With the help of our IncrediMail Help Number, you can get the prominent support of your queries round the clock.

Following are the feature of our support team

  • The entire team of customer support staff is always ready to help you at the 24 hours 7 days a day.
  • There are toll-free numbers to help you through your queries.
  • Quick response to your calls.

Above mentioned are the highlighting traits of our IncrediMail technical Support Number team which is highly qualified, well-trained, humble, and courteous and lend their ear to every problem of the user. Our executives provide the exact solution of the problem occurring in the working of the IncrediMail. So, whenever you seek help, you should feel free to get support from our support team at any time of the day.

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